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Tabby is running for Leadership Council (Student Council).  She has thirty posters (mostly small) and several people making some for her at their homes.   Her main poster says, "Tabitha  - Spamming the Hallways.  Give me Leadership and I will take them all down myself  (I meant the posters...Geez....I'm not that crazy)"

That last bit came in because Tabby's ditsy mother (yeah, me) got confused.  In part because I know how she feels about some of the people on the Leadership Council.

She seems to have adopted my knack for volunteering for too much.

In other news, I went to a potluck dinner with my co-workers tonight.  Now, while I sure it is much healthier for me,  I kinda dislike having a potluck with skinny women.  One plate?...Really??  Okay, one other person had one more serving of my Cheesy Potatoes, but it's not the potlucks I am used to where you can delare a winner by looking to see whose pan is emptied first.  I admit that I had thirds of my potatoes when I came home.

I am also several years older than the ladies I work with.  This all happened at my manager's house and we were pouring through some of scrapbooks.  She was 5 years old when I graduated from High School.  When I pointed this out, one of the girls laughed and mentioned that she hadn't even been born yet.

We did have fun.  They are a great bunch of ladies.

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Convention Prep.

 So, we are getting closer to CONvergence.  Things are coming along.

 I still have many boxes to go through and I have a long list of stuff to do for the Sandbox. That said, things are going pretty well.  There has been stress and some last minute headaches.  

Tomorrow we go pick up our badges and stuff.  That will be nice.  Now I just have to make sure that I don't lose everything prior to the convention.

I do have to work the Sunday through Tues. but I will need money after the con, so this is a good thing.  As much as I need to concentrate on CONvergence things, work is kinda of a nice break.

We move into the hotel on Wed. and the Convention starts on Thursday.  I can say that I am finally looking forward to it.  
I am running a couple of projects this year.   I am doing a Fun with Crayons Project and a Marble Mazes project and Comic Book Decoupage during the Craft Smorgasbord.   I am also assisting ethel  with Dodgeball and I am organizing a game of Marco Polo at the pool.  I am also assisting with both face painting and body painting and Noisy demonstrations.
It will be a busy year but it should be fun.


 I have been a bit stressed out of late. 

I have developed an odd habit of making elaborate meals when I am the most stressed.  Karl has commented on this before.  I had to be at rehearsals by 6:30pm Mon.-Wed. this week.  I chose to roast a chicken on Monday., grill steaks and veggies on Tuesday, and make crepes with 3 different fillings tonight.
Feeling calm?  Nothing going on?   "Hey, let's have frozen pizza."
This year is a different one and I am finding it stressful.
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So that is my life.  It seems full, and stressful to me, but oddly boring as well.

Chicken Green bean pasta

Just a quick jot down of tonight's supper.  It was really good, though it could use some refinement.  Breezy and Karl really liked a lot.  Karl wants to have it again sometime.  I figure that means that I should actually write it down somewhere.  Hello, Somewhere.
 I marinated 4 full chicken breasts (cut into 1 inch cubes)  with green onion, garlic, corn starch greek seasoning, oregano, kosher salt, lemon juice and sherry and 1 egg.

set aside extra sauce of cornstarch, greek seasoning, oregano, mint, salt, lemon juice and sherry

Seared it in a wok.  Added a little olive oil for flavor near the end,  set aside

Stir fried 2 cups (could have used more) green beans until about half done and added a cup of scallions and 4 cloves of garlic.
Added sauce
Added to 1 lbs cooked spaghetti pasta and added olive oil and listed seasonings to taste.

Honors Society

Tonight we watched Tabby's Induction into the National Honors Society. Her speech about her plans for World domination received a few moments of stunned silence but eventually went over well.

It worked out well that Karl and I were late because we had to drop Mystrycat off at the Hospital to visit her dad (ankle surgery). Because of our tardiness, the speech order was reversed and Tabby's speech was last. So after following 9 speeches talking about Leadership and Determination in careers ranging from Yacht Bum (though with plans on becoming a doctor first), Animation, Lawyers and Senators, tabby stands up and says the following. There was some slight editing done for time)

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The group of parents seemed shocked at first but hung in there and were laughing by the end. There was even a chuckle from the Principal who is known for being rather serious concerning all things relating to the students.


 I have been social twice this week.  All by myself, not in the "bringing my kids places" way.  This probably seems odd for me, but I have been finding that working retail has made me crave my alone time more often.

On Friday I got to go out the sageincave and had the usual excellent time.  Coffee and tea and good conversation, that's all I need for happiness.   

Today I went to a birthday party at a bowling alley.  I haven't bowled in a long time and I was never good to begin with, but I beat the 4 year old in the lane next to us.  Her score was 81.  I scored 88,...  7 POINTS!!!  Yay me!  The little girl was long gone by then, but I was proud nonetheless.  I probably would have beat her by more points but I only had my bumpers on for half the game instead of the whole game like she did.  Yeah, I am a sad and strange little person... and Yes, I am STILL proud of myself.  * grin*
I just lost a quick game of "What was that food?" Twenty Questions.  
bargeral  : "You should make those one things that you made before."
Me: What "one things"?
Barg:  I don't know, those things...umm..
Me: Are they bigger than a bread box?
Barg: No.
Me: Are they Mexican?
Barg: No.
Me: Are they Hand held?
Barg: Yes.
It went on from there.  I lost.
Turns out that the requested dish was Thai Chicken Lettuce Wraps.  Never would have gotten that.  I remember making them, I just didn't remember him liking them.


 Apparently, communication is something I and my family need to work on.

Today, Saturday, @ 9:40 Mystrycat quietly asks me if I can give her a ride to school because there is a solo competition for band.  She had thought that she had worked out a ride with Sprinklekit and her friend L..

Sprinklekit had already had her dad pick her up at 8:00am from another friend's house so that she could get picked up by 8:30 to go to bell choir practice with L. From there they had apparently planned to go straight to the competition.  They then sent L's mother back from the school to pick up Mystrycat.  Mystrycat and I agreed to this because we thought somehow that l's mother was coming from the house which is close to us.  I was willing to drive.  

I had no idea that this was going on at all this weekend.  Sprinklekit had planned to tell me Thursday night but felt that I was grumpy, so she put it off.  She didn't want to wake me this morning and she thought I worked at 10:00am (the time she had to be there).  I simply had to call into work at 10 to see if I was working at noon.  Work did not need me today.
I had hoped to go out to a meeting this evening, but I found out today that the middle school play is going on tonight and while we don't have anyone in the play,  the girls want to support their friends and the white car is being unpredictable.  Meanwhile, Karl was hpoing we could all stay home and play games.
Yeah, communication.