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 Apparently, communication is something I and my family need to work on.

Today, Saturday, @ 9:40 Mystrycat quietly asks me if I can give her a ride to school because there is a solo competition for band.  She had thought that she had worked out a ride with Sprinklekit and her friend L..

Sprinklekit had already had her dad pick her up at 8:00am from another friend's house so that she could get picked up by 8:30 to go to bell choir practice with L. From there they had apparently planned to go straight to the competition.  They then sent L's mother back from the school to pick up Mystrycat.  Mystrycat and I agreed to this because we thought somehow that l's mother was coming from the house which is close to us.  I was willing to drive.  

I had no idea that this was going on at all this weekend.  Sprinklekit had planned to tell me Thursday night but felt that I was grumpy, so she put it off.  She didn't want to wake me this morning and she thought I worked at 10:00am (the time she had to be there).  I simply had to call into work at 10 to see if I was working at noon.  Work did not need me today.
I had hoped to go out to a meeting this evening, but I found out today that the middle school play is going on tonight and while we don't have anyone in the play,  the girls want to support their friends and the white car is being unpredictable.  Meanwhile, Karl was hpoing we could all stay home and play games.
Yeah, communication.  
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