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 I have been social twice this week.  All by myself, not in the "bringing my kids places" way.  This probably seems odd for me, but I have been finding that working retail has made me crave my alone time more often.

On Friday I got to go out the sageincave and had the usual excellent time.  Coffee and tea and good conversation, that's all I need for happiness.   

Today I went to a birthday party at a bowling alley.  I haven't bowled in a long time and I was never good to begin with, but I beat the 4 year old in the lane next to us.  Her score was 81.  I scored 88,...  7 POINTS!!!  Yay me!  The little girl was long gone by then, but I was proud nonetheless.  I probably would have beat her by more points but I only had my bumpers on for half the game instead of the whole game like she did.  Yeah, I am a sad and strange little person... and Yes, I am STILL proud of myself.  * grin*
I just lost a quick game of "What was that food?" Twenty Questions.  
bargeral  : "You should make those one things that you made before."
Me: What "one things"?
Barg:  I don't know, those things...umm..
Me: Are they bigger than a bread box?
Barg: No.
Me: Are they Mexican?
Barg: No.
Me: Are they Hand held?
Barg: Yes.
It went on from there.  I lost.
Turns out that the requested dish was Thai Chicken Lettuce Wraps.  Never would have gotten that.  I remember making them, I just didn't remember him liking them.
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