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Honors Society

Tonight we watched Tabby's Induction into the National Honors Society. Her speech about her plans for World domination received a few moments of stunned silence but eventually went over well.

It worked out well that Karl and I were late because we had to drop Mystrycat off at the Hospital to visit her dad (ankle surgery). Because of our tardiness, the speech order was reversed and Tabby's speech was last. So after following 9 speeches talking about Leadership and Determination in careers ranging from Yacht Bum (though with plans on becoming a doctor first), Animation, Lawyers and Senators, tabby stands up and says the following. There was some slight editing done for time)

"When I finally take over the world, I will gladly pass on the qualities recognized by this ceremony to all the subordinates in my dominion… except for leadership. Unfortunately, my friends insist I’ll never take over, so I suppose I’ll have to use these skills in another way. Actually, if world domination fails as my friends say, I plan on becoming a science teacher for middle or high school, and while I’m teaching, I plan on obtaining a doctorate in psychology and/or psychiatry. The skills that would help me with my plans to rule the world would also help me in the other professions I would like to pursue.
For obvious reasons, leadership is necessary for the authoritarian government I plan to lead. It is also useful, though, in a classroom. In reality, if we world rule fails, I will at least have control over a student class, and therefore the future of the world. Showing leadership and confidence as a psychiatrist also helps patients gain trust. By showing leadership, people generally begin to respect you as long as you don’t abuse that power. Showing leadership, confidence and kindness can go a long way in having an enjoyable environment to work in.
You have to be smart to take over the world. All those plans and manipulation take a very powerful brain. You also have to be smart to aim for a psychiatry doctorate while already making use of a four-year degree in education. If I want my college education to be of good quality, which is needed to reach any one of my goals, then my academics have to be good now. I have to say that I think my academic level is something to be proud of. I have gotten through advanced placement chemistry this year and I’m planning on taking pre-calculus and advanced placement biology next year. I constantly work for good grades, so I can achieve what I want in life.
Like I said before, I would gladly volunteer to take full responsibility over the entire world, but I don’t think that’s exactly the type of volunteering that the National Honors Society commemorates… yet. Currently, I volunteer as a teacher’s assistant for an enrichment class in TCA’s middle school. The teacher of this class, Ms. Judy Brooks, is very enthusiastic about the class, and often gives me many opportunities to see if I have what it takes to be a teacher. I also volunteer to help set up a convention, CONvergence, that over 3000 people attend. I am a sub-head of the programming department. All of the volunteering I do can help show colleges and work places that I have the responsibility needed to go far in life.
So, I thank the teachers of TCA High School, that my friends don’t believe will ever be bowing down to me, which allowed me into the National Honors Society. None of us would be here without you, and I hope to repay you by passing on your excellent teaching to the children of the future. I also thank my family that supported me ever since I wanted to be an Elven spy princess when I was young. The switch from wanting to be a dolphin trainer to a shrink was sudden, but they stuck with me and have supported me the whole way. When I rule the world, I will be sure to give them the best care they could get. I will also thank my friends, even though they don’t accept that someday I will have mastery over them. They have given me the means to enjoy my time and show the confidence that wouldn’t have been there without them. Any qualifications I have that allow me to be recognized as an honorable person comes from these people, and they deserve to be thanked. I look forward to seeing half of them lying on my therapist’s couch ten years from now. *Bow.*"

The group of parents seemed shocked at first but hung in there and were laughing by the end. There was even a chuckle from the Principal who is known for being rather serious concerning all things relating to the students.
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