Angelique (gleckia) wrote,

Chicken Green bean pasta

Just a quick jot down of tonight's supper.  It was really good, though it could use some refinement.  Breezy and Karl really liked a lot.  Karl wants to have it again sometime.  I figure that means that I should actually write it down somewhere.  Hello, Somewhere.
 I marinated 4 full chicken breasts (cut into 1 inch cubes)  with green onion, garlic, corn starch greek seasoning, oregano, kosher salt, lemon juice and sherry and 1 egg.

set aside extra sauce of cornstarch, greek seasoning, oregano, mint, salt, lemon juice and sherry

Seared it in a wok.  Added a little olive oil for flavor near the end,  set aside

Stir fried 2 cups (could have used more) green beans until about half done and added a cup of scallions and 4 cloves of garlic.
Added sauce
Added to 1 lbs cooked spaghetti pasta and added olive oil and listed seasonings to taste.
Tags: recipes
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