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 I have been a bit stressed out of late. 

I have developed an odd habit of making elaborate meals when I am the most stressed.  Karl has commented on this before.  I had to be at rehearsals by 6:30pm Mon.-Wed. this week.  I chose to roast a chicken on Monday., grill steaks and veggies on Tuesday, and make crepes with 3 different fillings tonight.
Feeling calm?  Nothing going on?   "Hey, let's have frozen pizza."
This year is a different one and I am finding it stressful.
Working out of the house is a bit stressful in it's own way.  Only part time, but it is odd to have to actually get dressed up and ready five days a week.  Plus working on the weekends is bit different as well.
Also, The Spring/Summer Concert season for JFFS (Choir) started late this year due to health issues on one of the directors. Nothing life threatening, but when the conductor's arm hurts so badly that she doesn't want to move it, it can complicate the task. Her arm is feeling better and things are coming along as far as the whole Choir is concerned.  Normally by this time of the summer we would have been already performing for at least three weeks.  This year, we still have two rehearsals left.

The mini JFFS song is going well but started late and we ended up adding a dance to it and now have to rehearse 2-3 days a week.

Tabby and i are doing a duet of "Happily Ever After" and that is laughingly unready.Our first performance starts the week of the 4th of July and we are performing all the way through August.  Normally, we have the month of August off.  
This year instead of Missing one of 10 performances because we are moving into the hotel for CONvergence, I may have to miss the dress rehearsal.  

Of course I  also have to get ready for CONvergence June 30- July 3.   Connie's Quantum Sandbox is uncomfortably behind.  I know we will be able to pull it off, but I still have at least a dozen activities to prep for and in some cases to test.  Also, most of the shopping.
The Sandbox inventory is still scattered around my house and not nearly as prepped as it should be given that it will actually be moving permanently out of my house this year.  It has to be ready to go by 9:30am Wed. June 29th. 
I admit that a small part of me is upset to see it go.  While having it gone will get rid of a huge source of tension between Karl and myself, it also makes me feel all that much more replaceable in the Sandbox.

I am also giving up doing childcare during the convention committee meetings.  It became too difficult to work on Sandbox and the prep that requires especially since I really only get to meet with my Co-heads when they come up to the meetings.  They live in Iowa and have to travel 6 hours to get here.  We have many Skype meetings, but somethings just have to be done in person. Plus, if I can go to the meetings (instead of working during them 22 floors away) and take notes, they may not feel that they have to come up for all of the meetings which would make their lives a little less stressful.
So, the Meeting Childcare inventory is also leaving  after the last meeting and being passed off to the next person.  While that will get rid of a huge source of tension between me, my Sandbox Co-heads and Karl,  I sometimes start to cry when I realize that i only have two meetings left where I get to play with the kids.  
I am having replacement issues about that as well, but I understand those feelings better as I had similar issues with no longer doing home childcare this last fall.  I am happy to be moving on but I will miss the kids and am sad that I won't have as big a place in their lives.
Speaking of moving on and not having as big a place in someone's life, Breezy, my youngest, becomes a teenager on Friday.  No, she is not moving out, but she is so independent that it is kind of scary.  She still doesn't know how to do laundry, so I know she will stick around a while because of that. ;-)
Tabby is also well and has picked up my habit of over extending herself.  Now that school is out she seems to simply check in on occasion.  Ah, the joys of being 16.  She likes us and we get along, but she does have real friends you know.  
We still have to get her into driver's ed for the summer.  That might keep her around a little bit, as long as the classes are close by.
The roommate is healing slowly and steadily.   They ended up putting in a bunch of hardware into his ankle.  
Mystrycat  is doing well and can actually be seen venturing out of her room on occasion. 
So that is my life.  It seems full, and stressful to me, but oddly boring as well.
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