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Tabby is running for Leadership Council (Student Council).  She has thirty posters (mostly small) and several people making some for her at their homes.   Her main poster says, "Tabitha  - Spamming the Hallways.  Give me Leadership and I will take them all down myself  (I meant the posters...Geez....I'm not that crazy)"

That last bit came in because Tabby's ditsy mother (yeah, me) got confused.  In part because I know how she feels about some of the people on the Leadership Council.

She seems to have adopted my knack for volunteering for too much.

In other news, I went to a potluck dinner with my co-workers tonight.  Now, while I sure it is much healthier for me,  I kinda dislike having a potluck with skinny women.  One plate?...Really??  Okay, one other person had one more serving of my Cheesy Potatoes, but it's not the potlucks I am used to where you can delare a winner by looking to see whose pan is emptied first.  I admit that I had thirds of my potatoes when I came home.

I am also several years older than the ladies I work with.  This all happened at my manager's house and we were pouring through some of scrapbooks.  She was 5 years old when I graduated from High School.  When I pointed this out, one of the girls laughed and mentioned that she hadn't even been born yet.

We did have fun.  They are a great bunch of ladies.

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