Goings on

 Life has been going pretty well.
I really like working at Pier 1.  I admit that I was nervous when my actual manager came back to work after her maternity leave.  She is a young, direct and succinct person.  This is an interesting mix.

She does like to talk about her baby though and I love to talk about babies and it is one of the few topics I will shut up long enough to listen to.  I have also answered questions on pump problem solving and maintenance.  Those years at Noble Birth have come in handy.

My manager has also laughed today about my cheerful acceptance of any task.  My family thinks to is funny given how I often whine about tasks at home.

I actually dealt with some of those tasks today.  I finally got Sprinklekit's clarinet to the shop and they actually had time to make the minor fixes right there.  Just a couple of missing screws.  Now if they could just do something about mine. (Ha!)

Also after putting it off for a month, I finally got the girls in for haircuts.  I got a trim myself as well.  Just a clean line and a little framing around the face.

On the way from school to fantastic Sam's the girls were playing Lily Allen's Him for me and I started singing One Of Us... Sprinklekit and I thought that they sounded scarily good together.
I have to admit that Bargeral and I do enjoy some of Lily Allen's songs.  I  have a harder time than Barg in being comfortable with the fact my 12 year old knows the lyrics to Fuck You.

The girls also have me enjoying a few of the Psychostick songs.  I love humor music in general, but sometimes I have a hard time getting past the combination of screaming and profanity in some of Psychostick's songs.  
Things have been fun here though and we are making pains to make sure that we get together as a family.  We went out yesterday and went to may parents place on Saturday.
My folks are doing well.  Mom also helped us with our taxes.  okay...Mom did our taxes for us and I have promised to come over and shampoo her rugs.
I hope you are all doing well.
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No surprises here.

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February Started well...

 Most of February went pretty well.  I am starting up a little more volunteer work.  I have the time, it's just trying to remember stuff that is eluding me.  There is also the sorting and Inventory of Connie's Quantum Sandbox to finish.  That I just don't want to do.  However, if i just get it done, then we can figure out the stuff we will need to run the Project Panels at this year's convention.

The girls had Conferences this month and are doing really well.  Sabrina has the science fair coming up.  She still has to think about what she is going to do.

Work is going pretty well.  I am still enjoying myself.  I love working with the customers.  I am also amazed at one of my fellow employees.  I just love to watch how she works with the customers she is incredibly upbeat.  She can also get people to get the store card even if they have said "no" to the rest of us.  If I ever have a bridge that needs to be sold, I want her to be the one to sell it.  I hope she mostly chooses to use this power for good.

Karl is watching lots of Doctor Who lately.  Sabrina enjoys bugging Karl by quoting select bits of dialog right before they are said on the DVD.

Mystrycat got some Hermit crabs.  These pets was purchased with permission.  Maximus switched shells it's first night here.  Minimus is happy with it's bright green shell.

The month has ended really badly for the roommates however.   I feel so sad for them right now.  Coulbauth's brother died last night and he is naturally very torn up about it.   Mystrycat is having a hard time as well, understandably.  She has been spending the evening between pouring out her sorrows to her boyfriend and checking on her dad.  

We started the week just being sad but expecting some closure at Chris Riversbey's Memorial on Thursday night and now they have to deal with this as well.  It totally sucks.  I feel so sad for them.

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 The girls have been listening to Princes and Frogs by Superchick again.  I think the song is really cute. If I think too hard about  it, I get worried that the message is a little too ...I guess...cynical.  

 After all...even though some of the frogs I know have stayed that way, but most have turned into Princes.  Just not the right Prince.  I found my Prince, but it took a while to figure out that he was in fact MY Prince. 

Collapse )
Here are the lyrics in case you don't have time or interest for a listen.

All princes start as frogs and all gentlemen as dogs
Just wait till its plain to see
What we're growing up to be
Cause Some frogs will still be frogs
And Some dogs will still be dogs
Some boys could become men
Just don't kiss us 'til then.

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 So January has been pretty good so far.   Very normal.  For us at least.

Shedevylle moved out in November with the dog and things have been quiet.  A bit more stressful sometimes since I have also lost one of my confidants.  Well, easy confidant.  Phones still work.  

The cats are a little quieter than the dog however.

Coulbauth and Mystrycat's cat has been coming upstairs now that Beso is gone.  There have been a few feline discussions and one or two altercations.  Usually, they ignore each other.  Things usually only get ugly when there aren't enough sunbeams to go around or Peanut decides to try to go downstairs or Edie tries to come in our room.

I was asked to stay on at Pier 1 Imports.  I am very happy.  i really like the job for the most part.  I would really like to not have to push the credit card, but it is part of the job.  

I really need to figure out what I am doing with the rest of my time.  I tend to make the mistake of staying up late if I work later in the day and then I don't get anything done.   My goal is to develop more of a routine so that work just kinda fits into the day instead of being the only part of the day I pay attention to.

I also have a goal for the year to catch my kids up on the lessons they should know by now.  My kids really don't know how to cook  or do their own laundry or ride a city bus.  It also really dawned on me the problem that Breezy faces not being taught Cursive writing in grade school.  She has no signature.  A teacher had to show her what a signature would look like in cursive and Breezy sort of copies it.  These things are making me feel a little like a failure as a  parent, so we will be working on them.

Another one of my resolutions for the year has been to really work on treating people with the respect I would like to be treated with. I know this should be second nature. However, I find that it has been more difficult at home. Especially to Coulbauth.  It's not fair to him.  He really has come a long way.

Karl has been working on some A+ certifications for work.  Things have been going pretty well there.   He is on call this week though.  He hates it of course.  I can't say as I blame him though.

For the most part things have gone well this far into the new year.  I have gotten to hang out with a few friends and that has been great.  The water heater dying was not a favorite couple of days, but the new water heater is fantastic.   The girls are doing well in school and while they are tired of the amount of work, they are keeping up and still have some time to do fun things.

Life is pretty good.

I love my kids.

 Last night at around 11:30, I was heading to bed and noticed that the girls were up.  I was a little concerned since they were actually still on the phone that late and on the speaker at that.  

They were both under Tabby's electric blanket looking at an e-book version of one of Tabby's favorites (Mairelon the Magician- Patricia C. Wrede) and taking turns reading chapters out loud on speakerphone with one of Tabby's friends.

I just said "Goodnight" and shut the door.


Senior Luncheon

Every year (for the last 5 or so) my M-i-L  brings Karl, myself and the kids to a luncheon and dance  sponsored by her senior Recovery Group.  It is a fantastic organization.  Their main goal is providing A.A. Recovery support to the elderly, a lot of whom are basically shut-ins.  The organization provides visits and provides rides for those who want to go to meetings.

This can be a really fun and spunky group.  The luncheon is pretty much the same every year.  It can be fun or not, depending on your own attitude that year.  

There is a band which is what I would describe as a wedding style band.  3-4 guys, an accordion player, a drummer, a Sax/Clarinet player and a guy with both regular and bass guitars.  They are pretty good and play Christmas Carols and Songs while we eat and polkas and such afterwards.
They were accompanied at times by an energetic teen whose family comes to the event.  He was referred to, by my eldest as the "cute guy in the suit" whose hair has about the same dyed hue as my daughter's.  He sang a few songs with the band and according Tabby, plays many instruments, actually has a name and is now her newest Facebook friend.  

During the mostly instrumental Chipmunk Song, Tabby and I entertained our table and the two others next to us with our rendition of the song using our "Chipmunk" voices.  This also happens to be what Tabby, myself and a friend are singing for our choir number this year.  Yes, during part of it, we do use our chipmunk voices.  Tabby's is very solid and sounds kind of like Stitch while mine is all over the place and sometimes picks up what can best be described as a Latino-Russian accent.  We did very well at our table yesterday and amused our dinner neighbors greatly.

The group also gives out random gifts to everyone.  That can sometimes be the most hilarious thing ever because it is completely hit or miss.  When Tabby was 10, she got a Coffee Maker.  Karl tends to get blankets.  In the past we have gotten gist certs, presents or even cash.  This year, Karl got a blanket, I got a a Commuter Mug that you can plug into the car, Tabby got some Purple Pot Holders and Sabrina got a Toaster.  As we mentioned to Tabby back when she was 10, No, she is not allowed to set it up in her room.

We sat with one of Ellie's (M-i-L) friends who is as outspoken and  animated as Ellie herself.  Some humorous moments at the luncheon we fantastically inappropriate.  At one point Ellie, who is hard-of-hearing even with the hearing aids, was complaining about a woman who was talking to long at the microphone.  "This is supposed to be a Dinner and Dance, not a Speakers Meeting."  Karl had to inform Ellie that she was speaking louder that she realized.  

Tabby had her moment as well, when during a discussion about how they had added punch to the menu instead of just coffee and water, she mentioned that she was convinced that at least one of "these old folks was probably going to Spike the punch."  She was quite adamant about it, until I quietly reminded her that we were at an A.A. luncheon.  She was rather embarrassed as this wasn't the most quiet statement of the day.

We all had a wonderful time this year and weren't kicked out, so that is a plus. ;-) 


Tonight, I got to listen to a recording that sprinklekit  and Squishy made during Omegacon weekend. It was made right after she introduced Squishy to Screamo music.

The kid is a natural.



Dear Work,
I love going to you. Really, I do. I have however, discovered my least favorite part, entire Flex Shifts. Flex hours at the end of my shift are fine. Scheduling a whole shift and being asked to stay or leave early works for me because I am there.

I know my manager does everything she can to not schedule Flex Shifts. With entire Flex Shifts, even though I am fine with not scheduling anything during that time, there is always this teeny weeny lazy part of me that hopes that I don't have to go in. That I can just curl up with my my book, or get some more stuff done at home, or take a nap.

Of course I also realize that it is a great thing that the store is busy enough to need me especially since we have an extra daily goal that ensure bonuses for all the employees. Yay bonuses! I like to work, I know I need to work. I can't buy Christmas without work. I just like being lazy, that's all.


Dear Clothing Manufacturers,
You obviously have figured out my love of the occasional simple ruffle. Please, if you care anything about me, please stop putting them on fabrics that wrinkle a lot when I wash them.

I own and know how to use an iron, but it doesn't work as well on the ruffles as a steamer would, but they are a pain and take so damn long.

It would make my life much easier if you would just grant me this little request.