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Why am I called a stay-at-home-mom when I am never at home?

16 March 1968
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I am 42 years old.

I have been married for 18 years to a wonderfully kind curmudgeon.

I am the mother of two wonderful girls aged 15 and 11. Who have decided that they want to be known on lj as Sprinklekit and Breezy.

I am a SAHM who also takes care of two wonderful boys. Their LJ names are Minireggie and Squishy. I had two girls of my own but I have to borrow the boys.

We currently have one cat, Peanut(7)
and 1 guinea pigs named Eyrwyn.

We also have one more cat Edie living on the premises and a dachshund named Beso.

To accompany the newest animals we have three new people housemates as well.

I love to sing and am a member of a local community Choir called the Just For Fun Singers.

I am a geek at heart and volunteer for one of my local Sci-fi conventions, CONvergence.

I also love to participate in Geek Partnership Society (GPS) events as well.

I have a tendency to put "too much on my plate" both in the buffet line and in life.

Feel free to "friend" me. I like friends. This a just a "basic life" journal. I rant occasionally, but almost never about my job. *waves to the parents of the daycare boys* I admit that I am addicted to memes and cute stories about the kids.

Cast of Frequent Characters
bargeral........Darling Husband
sprinklekit....Eldest Daughter
Breezy..........Youngest Daughter
mystrycat.......Best friend of Saphiras_kin and "my daughter who is not mine" and is living with us.
coulbauth.......Father of Mystrycat, friend, is also living with us and is the owner of Edie the cat.
shedevylle.......My friend for 26 years and now also my housemate and owner of Beso.
Minireggie......Eldest Daycare child, brother of Squishy, best friend of Breezy
Squishy.........Youngest Daycare Child, brother of Minireggie
Reggiemom.......Mother of Petsnakereggie-has put up with us since we were teenagers
petsnakereggie..Father of Minireggie and Squishy, DH of Moneygod, childhood friend of Bargeral, high school friend of mine, introduced me to Bargeral
moneygod........Mother of Minireggie and Squishy, DW of Petsnakereggie, high school friend.

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